I Need A Vacation

Song Length 3:05 Genre Rock - Modern, Pop - Rock
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Distressed, Uptight Language English
Era 2000 and later


Need A Vacation
©Altered State

I knew I was long overdue
when my last nerve called to be rescued
waking up daily for the grind
taking its toll on my mind

Boss man get off my case
I?ve had it up to here I hate your face
Get away let my head clear
weekends to short oh, shit monday's here

I need a vacation
No need for a destination
I Need a vacation
Rest and relaxation

You know how it can go
painful mornings car under snow
Old alarm clock misplaced some time
coffee spills it?s quarter to nine

Hi, hoh off to work I go
traffic backed up moving slow
parking spots hard to find
you son of a bitch that one?s mine

Hey now, gone for my time
I?m back, same place never left the line
?how?s the break? they all say
it was great until today

first one in last one out
punch the card that?s what it's all about
I can hear it now won?t be long
few more weeks and I?ll be singing this song

Lyrics Biman Bharadwaj (Altered State) Music Biman Bharadwaj (Altered State)
Producer Stoker Publisher Global Graffiti Music
Performance Altered State Label N/A
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