Song Length 4:53 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Where are you?
I can barely see your face amidst the crowd.
Your words are drowned in a sea
of turbulent dreams.

I'm searching
For the reason that you left me here this way
And all these photographs time can't erase
Are all I have to lead me back to you.

Break my heart, one more time
This is my last goodbye
An empty coffin whispers lies
as your voice still lingers in the silence

Break my heart, bleed me dry
And leave me here to die.
The only thing that keeps me dry
Is the weight that's resting on my shoulders.

So I'll lay this down to rest
In the ground, in the place where I have left
You never to see your face again.
And I thought it might be easier to leave
You resting peacefully for once.

But everytime I close my eyes I see the arms that used to
Catch me. Now who will break my fall
From all those tortured eyes that fight these
Tears away?

Break my heart...

Lyrics Scott Arrieta Music Scott Arrieta
Performance Scott Arrieta, Lost for Words
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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