I'm Yo Ni**a/You Can Call Me (feat-Bigg Dutch)

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"I'm Yo Ni**a/You Can Call Me" this song is featured in the Miramax /Fox Search Light Film "Garden State" starring Zach Braff, and Natilie Portman. Listen for it as the characters play spin the bottle at the hous party!

Song Length 3:26 Genre Rap - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Composed
Subject Snakes, Reptiles Similar Artists Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Language English Era 2000 and later


I?m Yo Nigga
Lyrics by: B.O. Big Dutch, and O.M.A..
Produced by: Bryon(Big Chuck)Epps

B.O. verse 1

See I?m a sucker for corn rolls and iced out toes, nigga a big butt wit a whole lot of gold, and she can be from the projects, I mean a straight up broad thats down to ride like it ain?t no tomorrow, and give a fuck bout the Onetime, squeezing clips all a nigga need is one nine. I?m barley broke so a nigga walkin wit a limp, and if if was a 5th let me get a sip. I like the way that ass switch when you walk girl, so turn around and let me rock your world. All a nigga need is a hot girl and fast car, bending corners buck 50 like it?s NASCAR. And if my shit ain?t on dubs then they don?t fit. I get paid for a living just to talk shit. So please believe I?ma ball till I can?t ball and represent the W.S. till the wheels fall off.


I?m yo mamma I?m yo daddy I?m that nigga in the caddy, you can call me if you need a good ticket on the weed. You know me off that henn a real nigga till the end. I?m yo nigga.

Big Dutch verse 2

I?m the beginning I?m the ending I?m Alpha Omega look, silk trousers trickled over the gators. Steam rollin haters a lot of folks never forgave us for not controlling such violent behavior. And for sending girls to get them papers, make um stroll a week like the track run from Philly to Vegas. The streets made us the mens we is, all chippered up and barely begun to live. Products of the blocks we own, that just flip the game and eat good off the stocks we own, drinking so much XO, that when the bottles lined up look like a tied game of tic tac toe. When they outta that we V s?n then hit the streets pursuing bread with even that much more aggression. Hit the studi, and murder a session, twenty hour days with no stressing.

Repeat Chorus

O.M.A. vrese3

I know a spent day with you probably cost a thug, cause sittin watchin you switch got me lost in love, but hold up, pop my collars pimps don?t talk like that, My boy like how she walk like that? Mean ass just takin me back to third grade, when I used to watch the swings move forth and back, but oh well now I?m a player like 112, and I do what I do so well. Peep this, all it takes is a foot and a fist, I do what I wanna and Wezzie couldn?t get my bitches off the corner, cause they know I?m about cash and chips, and they know my boys faces from the dubs and the flashy whips. Look I move with a hop and a skip, and you ain?t gotta say a word, all you gotta do is hop in the drift, and leave the rest up to me. We out in the streets, I hit my peddle with the sneeks and throw it up into fifth.

Repeat Chorus an B.O. talks shit on the fade.

© 2002 Sho~Shot Entertainment All Rights Reserved

Lyrics B. Epps, A. Chester, J. Dickson Music B. Epps
Producer B. Epps Publisher Straght Froom The Crib Music Publishing
Performance ASCAP Label Sho-Shot Entertainment
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