Soon the Day is Over

Story Behind The Song

When my mother died when I was only 16, I wrote this song a few years later sitting next to a river in a park... and the water flowing by reminded me of how time just passes us by so fast, and each day is just over before you know it. Appreciate your love

Song Description

If you have had a day in your life that was so great, or so sad, there is one thing for sure, it will pass before your eyes so fast... It could be your wedding, or someone in your family passing away... but if it is pain or happiness, that day will end.

Song Length 4:09 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Welcoming Subject Life, Lost Love
Similar Artists Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel Language English
Era 2000 and later


time is flowing slipping through our minds,
wiping away the tears as it unwinds,
photographs and memories start to blur,
though Ill never forget the times with her....

the past is gone and so is she,
they did not last long enough for me,
I don't care what they say,
It doesn't matter now anyway...

elements of nature takes ahold,
capturing our lives as it unfolds,
water colors ripple across our eyes,
as we leave this lonely world behind...

writing down the moments of the day,
your pen in hand you slowly slip away...

the future waits impatiently,
as we climb towards our destiny,
I dont care what they say,
It doesn't matter to me anyway...

Lyrics Allan James Music Allan James / Donnie Gray
Producer Allan James / Donnie Gray Performance Allan James / Donnie Gray
Label Lighticon Records
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