When The Silence Falls

Song Length 3:54 Genre Country - Rock


When the Silence Falls

© 2003 Ali Matthews (SOCAN)

When the silence falls, when the day is done
With the rising moon and the fading sun
I will listen then for the distant call
I wait for you when the silence falls

In a tangled dream, in my secret place
I feel you so close, I can touch your face
For just a little while, I have it all
I have you back, Love
When the silence falls

So far away, won?t you come and ease my pain
Tell me you?ll stay
Let me soak you up like rain

(guitar solo)

Every single day it?s like a mountain to climb
Every thing I do is just passing time
But I will carry on even if I have to crawl
Crawl back to you when the silence falls

This tender sorrow, it?s harder than it seems
Wake up tomorrow
I?ve got to leave you in my dreams

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Clean Clean

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