Elvis Is Really Dead

Song Description

Another remake, but with a whole new feel...more of an edge to it. A funky little time change right before the bridge that came from Zappa influence. Nice, tight arrangement for a funny, slightly cynical song.

Song Length 3:17 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disturbed, Worried Subject General, General
Similar Artists Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix Language English
Era 2000 and later


Slaughter on the subway?murder in the schools
Weapons in the workplace?weapons in the news
Violence on the radio?on yer tv too
No one knows the answer?no one tells the truth

And it ain?t gonna get any better?getting worse instead
Becuz the planet is dyin? the ladies are cryin?
And elvis is dead

I don?t like yer religion?so I?m gonna blow u up
N? hey it?s not my decision?it came from ?higher up?
I don?t like the way u talk or the color of yer skin
I don?t like yer behavior so I?ll hafta do u in

And it ain?t gonna get any better?getting worse instead
Becuz the planet is sinkin? the drunkards are drinkin?
And elvis is dead

Livin? on slop killed by a cop dyin? in the street
Welcome to america?the land of impoverished obese
Things are getting? ugly?getting to intense
Nothing?s too outrageous?nothing makes any sense

The english hate the irish?the arabs hate the jews
The black ones hate the white ones
And the rednecks hate to lose

If ya think it?s getting better?better look up ahead
Becuz the planet is shrinking the atmosphere stinking
And elvis is still dead
The pious are praying the poor people paying
And elvis is still dead

Murder & hunger?see the children cry
Payoffs & layoffs?see the senator lie
Things are getting scarey?getting too insane
Someone pulled the plug out
Now we?re going down the drain

Lyrics Jonathan Pearlman Music Jonathan Pearlman
Producer Jonathan Pearlman Publisher N/A
Performance Jonathan Pearlman Label PAV Music
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