That's how love grows

Story Behind The Song

You work with someone and see her every day without realising how close you've become. Then you are sent to work away and it all falls into place.

Song Description

Slow rock - male voice, big harmony chorus. Starts like Bread with 'boy band' chorus.

Song Length 4:15 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed Subject Falling in Love
Language English


That's how love grows (Words and Music by Alan Gillis)

Verse 1
You see her every day and you're just friends
Then you have to go away and daytime never ends
You try to find a way to get back close to her
If there isn't any reason you pretend

Verse 2
You call her every day to say hello
But you just can't find the words to say you miss her so
When nature takes a hand you find live waiting there
And you start to realise how much you care


And that's how love grows
When you look the other way
Creeping up behind when you least expect the night to turn to day
Steal your heart away
And that's how love grows
When you look the other way
Turns the night to day
Steals your heart away
That's how love grows
That's how love grows

Guitar solo
Repeat chorus

© 1980/2004

Lyrics Alan Gillis Music Alan Gillis
Producer Alan Gillis Performance Gulliver (Alan Gillis)
Label Gulliver
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