Jason's Song

Story Behind The Song

Our friend Jason wrote this song two days before he died. The lyrics are realy eerie and forshadow what was to come, it was like somewhere deep inside he knew he was going to be leaving soon. Jason was a dear friend and an amazing person and we chose to

Song Description

An escape from small town heartbreak, to the possibilities of what the world has to offer.

Song Length 4:17 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Restless Subject Change, Life
Language English Era 2000 and later


I dont know why your always around
Its hard to keep my head up
When you keep draging me down
Your need is so unberable
That I gotta find somewhere to hide

You see Im sick of all the times with your crying and your whining
Now the guilts over and im never gonna do it again

The world is quite large
Still not sure where I want to be
So many places to go
And tons of people to see
I want to go somewhere better happier easier
Then this living hell

You see my corner og the world is treating me like shit
So im getting out of here and Im never comming back
Here again

Please dont dont misunderstand
This isnt all about you
You see my whole world
Has been falling apart
Now its time for me to go...

My life has been falling apart it has been right from the start
My corner of the world is treating me like shit so Im getting
Out of here and never comming back here again

Its time to go...

Lyrics Jason Ledger Music A.K.A
Producer Todd Kerns Performance A.K.A, David Peters (Cello), Jodie Castles (Additional Piano)
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