Safe Enogh

Story Behind The Song

Song about internal conflict about what to believe is best in a long distance relationship (as well as what to believe in metaphor what to believe with concern to environmental safety.[v1])

Song Description

Catchy lead lines with a hook chorus about the futility of life in a conflicting "rise-above" feel.

Song Length 3:48 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Punk
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Restless, In High Spirits
Subject Long, General Similar Artists Foo Fighters, Taking Back Sunday
Language English Era 2000 and later


Safe Enough
I've never seen the swells this high before
This threat is rising higher over our heads
I've heard it all a thousand times
It's that convenience that you dread
They told us never to look back

So is this how you tell me I was meant for nothing more than this
Another quarter turn will show you what you missed

(Safe enough) When will I be safe enough?
(Isn't safe enough for us)
I'll be here, I'm waiting
Preventative action is just time wasting

I never knew you were so cold
But I can see your breath tonight
The very air you breath betrays your lies
I see deception on your tongue and hear the crimson in your eyes
My innocence will be your sacrifice

So is this how you keep the sun for me
You call it an eclipse
A manufactured plot
To keep me in this abyss

So hold me tightly now and don't let go

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