Rast (Rest)

Story Behind The Song

Nobel laureate, Harry Martinson is one of Sweden's most important writers and poets. Jan Alm has set his poems to music and has worked in close collaboration with Amy Elizabeth Wheeler to help her learn and convey the nuances of Martinson's poetry to Amer

Song Length 1:25 Genre World - General
Language Other


Quietly the forest settled around the lake to sleep,
and the wind stopped for a moment to rest,
and wood doves waited with their dusky
glowing song - the one that sends a shiver through ones core.

This is a moment of perfect contentment
when senses can rest in illuminated groves,
and one doesn't worry about time or things but rather
allows days and time to be just moments.

Lyrics Harry Martinson Music Jan Alm
Producer Carl-Henrik Hansson Publisher Almusik
Performance Amy Elizabeth Wheeler, Vocal / Daniel Linden, Piano Label Peregrine Records

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