Länge sen (Long ago)

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A Nobel laureate, Harry Martinson is one of Sweden's most important writers and poets. Jan Alm has set his poems to music and has worked in close collaboration with Amy Elizabeth Wheeler to help her learn and convey the nuances of Martinson's poetry to Am

Song Description

The Martinson Project ís a collaborative effort between Swedish composer Jan Alm, American soprano Amy Elizabeth Wheeler and musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the Gothenburg Opera, under the direction of the GSO's Principle Violinist, P

Song Length 2:41 Genre World - European, Classical - Contemporary


Long ago:
A summer day long ago, when the farm hand was off to water the gray horses
He sat down against the trunk of the pasture?s tall linden tree.
Suddenly, there came to the gate a horse with white wings.
And the farm hand knew what was, it was the end of life?s quiver .
He clutched his heart and it became Sunday forever.
There, under the birch and linden, he lay his cheek heavily against the green grass
A gate banged in the wind.

Lyrics Harry Martinson Music Jan Alm
Producer Carl-Henrik Hansson Publisher Almusik
Performance Amy Elizabeth Wheeler & The Martinson Project Label Peregrine Records
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