Juninatten (June Nights)

Story Behind The Song

A Nobel laureate, Harry Martinson is one of Sweden's most important writers and poets. Jan Alm has set his poems to music and has worked in close collaboration with Amy Elizabeth Wheeler to help her learn and convey the nuances of Martinson's poetry to Am

Song Description

The Martinson Project ís a collaborative effort between Swedish composer Jan Alm, American soprano Amy Elizabeth Wheeler and musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the Gothenburg Opera, under the direction of the GSO's Principle Violinist, P

Song Length 2:35 Genre Classical - Contemporary


(The June night)

Now the sun barely goes down
Dimmed only by its own glow

Twilight?s border becomes the hour of dawn
Neither early nor late

The lake holds the evening?s light
Gliding on the water?s reflection
Or teetering on the waves which, long before they have darkened,
Reflect the morning sun?s flames

The June night never happens
It is more like a dewy day
Veil-like the dawn lifts itself
and is carried away on the bright sea.

Lyrics Harry Martinson Music Jan Alm
Producer Carl-Henrik Hansson Publisher Almusik
Performance Amy Elizabeth Wheeler & The Martinson Project Label Peregrine Records
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