As I lay lately in a dream

Song Description

A premier recording, Peregrine Records, 1996

Song Length 3:31 Genre Classical - Renaissance


As I lay lately in a dream, me thought I saw a wonderous thing:
A woman fair transformed was into a fiddle without a string.

A metemorphoses so rare as almost made me wake for fear
Oh this is rare, yea very very rare, a wonderous thing!
So fair a fiddle should want a string.

When honest neighbors dwelling nigh said they would all her wants supply and said that they have strings in store for such a fiddle and forty more.

For love they bare unto to sport, they'll make her fit for the consort.
Oh this is rare, yea very very rare......etc.

When they have set her in the key you must not stretch her strings so high for fear the fiddle chance to crack nor let the strings be too slack

The diapson is her sound, her lowest note is most profound.
Oh this is rare, yea very very rare....etc.

Lyrics Robert Jones Music Robert Jones
Producer Gert Palmcrantz/Didrik DeGeer microphones Publisher PD
Performance Amy Elizabeth Wheeler/Jaroslaw Lipski Label Peregrine Records
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