Story Behind The Song

Ellsworth's love of funky guitar riffs combined with a soft ballad-like section to evolve into a longer tune with thematic elements of both sections recurring and intermingling.

Song Description

Funky guitar dominates a tune rather disdainful towards superficial beauty. Some delicate piano passages and epic feel are interspersed.

Song Length 7:39 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Irate, Cool Subject Infinity, Arrogance
Similar Artists Genesis, Kool & The Gang Language English
Era 2000 and later


You're so quiet now, guilded jewelry glistening
And your turn your head with a deepening sigh
All your peers have felt your charms existential
And you've blessed them all with your presence here

Common cause is forbidden here
There is no place for it
Where you are concerned it's all we've learned
No one can hold a candle to you dear

So you spread your feathers wide
The effulgence brightening the room
Other grey creatures they wither and hide
They are no match for you
What did you say dear?

Chandeliers have nothing on you
Your facets outnumber a gem's
Tell me more about yourself dear
Like you have already over and over again
What did you say dear?

Lyrics Lyrics by Ellsworth Hall Music Music by Ellsworth Hall
Producer Produced and Engineered by Ellsworth Hall Performance Ellsworth Hall - keyboards, vocals, guitar, digi-drums
Label An Affinity Music Library release
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