Story Behind The Song

The "VIP" music video was featured for 2 years on HBO's hit music show "Feedback", as well as the #10 music video on Logo's "Click List Countdown". With a very Lady GaGa inspired beat, it's the perfect fun party track!

Song Description

"VIP" is a electropop club dream, and perfect for party scenes and high energy movement!

Song Length 3:40 Genre Pop - Dance, Pop - Europop
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Cheerful Subject General, Party
Similar Artists Adam Lambert, Lady GaGa Era 2000 and later


Verse 1
Come inside my world
Full of money and fame
All the bodies
Gettin' hotter
When you droppin' your name

Drop your name
At the door, at the door
And if you're lucky
You'll get in,
And then get low on the floor

So step behind
The velvet line
If you're not on the list
You won't get inside (where you can)

Sip the, sip the, sip the, sip the Patron
Sip the, sip the, sip the Patron

Throw your hands up in air
Without a care in the world
Giddyup to my beat
Every boy, every girl, girl
P-p-poppin bottles
K-k-k-kissin models
Get over the top
In the VIP!

Verse 2
The luxury is here
Some crazy 'ish is goin' down
Players out for the kill
And the women on the prowl

Drop your body
To the floor, to the floor
And then you grab
Someone else and
You get low even more

So slip inside
Indulge your mind
We makin' everybody hotter
With the Soco and some lime (and then we)

Sip the, sip the, sip the, sip the Patron
Sip the, sip the, sip the, sip the Patron


Stop the track!
Now bring it back!
I'm like a penny for your ante
And I'm gonna make it fancy
All the haters be hatin
And then the players be playin
But they're just waitin and waitin
To get in VIP!

Lyrics Adam Barta Music Mysto & Pizzi
Producer Mysto & Pizzi Publisher Aquetra Media
Performance Adam Barta Label Aquetra Media
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