For You

Song Description

This song, written For You, was created out of a conflict between feelings.... It features our bassst's double bass, Arliene, and was recorded in "The Basement." It is one of the 7 songs on our EP.

Song Length 5:16 Genre Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Without intention let a saint reside
In the crevice of a closing mind
Seemingly insignificant at the time
But I used to see and now I'm blind

For you I weep
For you I believe
For you I'm inflicted
Eternal Suffering and

Surely it's for a purpose
Surely, Surely for you

It's hard to be in love with a ghost
Left over vicious smoke
This shell of a self has taken its toll
A miracle would be word spoken

For me a notion
For me a brief emotion
For me an answer
From you divine cancer and

Surely it's for a purpose
Surely, Surely for me

Without intention let a moment decide
The memories to contour the rest of my life
Strangely sweet and settling in there time
But I used to breathe and now I'm dying

For you I'm weak
For you I'm in need
For you I have given
And lost everything and

Surely it's for a purpose
Surely, Surly for you

Lyrics Chris Parfitt Music A Ballad Alchemy
Producer Jon Parfitt/ A Ballad Alchemy Performance A Ballad Alchemy
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