Strange Voo Doo #2

Song Description

Big Angst

Song Length 3:30 Genre Jazz - General, Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless, Tense Subject Falling in Love, Life
Similar Artists Billy Joel, Frank Zappa Language English
Era 2000 and later


Music and lyrics by Robert Wuagneux

Skeletons in my closet
Could fill a bone yard
Charlatans can?t stop it
Trying oh so hard
Working my juju, waving ree-ree
Don?t know what to do... what?s happening to me
It?s a strange, strange, kind of voodoo

I could fly off the handle
Or just withdraw
Light up holy candles
Maybe roll on the floor
Kneel down with Jesus Pray the Promised Land
Do whatever I please just try and understand
It?s a strange, strange, kind of voodoo
It?s a strange, strange, kind of voodoo

I?ve never been in love before I met you
Obsessin?, pressin? now what am I to do?Ooh surprise it sure feels nice changed my bad to good

Sold it all to the junkman
Cost my soul to buy it back
Out looking for something
Filling voids so black
Shake my fist at the ceiling kick the ground in disgust
Can?t shake this feeling don?t know who to trust
It?s a strange, strange, kind of voodoo
It?s a strange, strange, kind of voodoo

What a great tune! Funky rhythm section with some nice sax work and an upfront vocal that fits the song just right. Kind of a mix of different regions and Jazz/R&b/Blues. Reminds me of the music I listened to in the early to mid '60's in the PNW rock scene. Good lyrics ,too.

Original and unusual with witty lyrics and a good singing voice. Quite unique. The accompaniment works well and supports the song and the rhythm is strong, this is a very jazzy blues song. I like it a lot. The repetition works well and becomes a hook getting under your skin. It represents many era's and has a retro feel.

Get's the 5 spot! I love it man it sounds really great and classy. Very cool and Hip The voice and instruments are fantastic. Actually very inspiring to listen to and darn it if I didn't wish that I wrote this song! AWESOME!!!!!!! I'm a fan and I'll be listening to more of your songs.

enjoyable bluesy song with some great horns throughout. loved the music and style , cool sax. pro recording top draw track. very enjoyable

Very nice recording. Love the panning of instruments. Vocals are excellent, nice harmonies. Sax is awesome. Great work!! Tune will work for many different applications... it's a winner!

HA HA!--i love it!--great stuff all the way around--great one to do live--thanxs--nashvillejoe----i could listen to this all day!

Fun song! Great lyrical content with excellent vocal and instrumentation and arrangement!

Lyrics Robert Wuagneux Music Robert Wuagneux
Producer Robert Wuagneux Publisher Robert Wuagneux
Performance Robert Wuagneux Label Robert Wuagneux
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