I Hate Jazz

Song Description

A soft jazz song about hating soft jazz

Song Length 3:46 Genre Jazz - General, Unique - Comedy
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Cool
Language English


I Hate Jazz

I hate jazz - it makes me sleepy ... sounds so creepy
The way it moves one half-step at a time

I hate jazz - you never know where it's gonna go ... there ... or there... or there
Drives me out of my mind

Those guitar solos, they never stop
Endless chromatics, just showing off (thinks he's way cool)

Not to be outdone, the sax player does even more runs
Then grins like he took the guitarist to school

And the bass - he has a pouty face, wandering aimlessly
On a fretboard with no frets in a world of his own

The pianist (or pianist), who gives a flip? Plays like he's blitzed
Fingers running up and down and all around the ivory keys

They've hit every note in the known universe by the first verse (If there is such a thing in jazz)

The singer is just running a bunch of mindless words together ...
If she forgets a few words here and there it doesn't matter ...
She can just scat to fill the void - no one would ever (do be do be do be do be) notice

The crowd seems happy, but they're not listening
Just pretending, to impress their date there

They're smoking cigars and drinking gin, but they hate it - they can't wait
To get home for a reefer and beer

I hate jazz, it's all pizzazz and no beat, and when it ends, or so you think
There's always one more plink

Or a drum roll ..... just to drive you over the brink
So I think instead of going out .....
I'll put on some jazz and sleep... goodnight ....

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