Story Behind The Song

This is the 3rd song on Volume 1 of our 3-volume concept album "Grey Expectations" that will be released in mid to late April. The album progresses chronologically and this song takes place when our characters are children. I always found it bizarre that adults tell us we can be anything we want to be when we're children... even when they know that's not realistic. "You can be President, a football star, an astronaut, etc." Then when we get older and prepare to graduate or go to college, suddenly all that changes. "You can't be a musician or an entrepreneur... that's unrealistic. You need to get a real job... with health insurance." And in a nutshell, that's what this song is about.

Song Description

Yes I'm biased but I've always felt this song has a lot of placement potential. The music is melodic and bouncy with some tasty chord changes. The message is inspirational and empowering (even if it is a bit tongue-in-cheek in the context of the album. The hook talks about being free and unleashing our unlimited potential and will work well for placements looking for uplifting messages.

Song Length 5:34 Genre R & B - Funk, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Delighted, Cheerful Subject Encouragement, Freedom
Similar Artists Kanye West, Motown Language English
Era 2000 and later


VERSE 1 (Tyler Durdin) 
You can be... anything you wanna be 
Do anything you wanna do 
Say anything you wanna say 
A winner, never gonna lose 
Never choose to, bruised? Get off the mat 
Cause everything you gettin ya get to go and give it all back 
Go to college get that knowledge is a solid attack 
Set your course for the white house and follow the map 
I know you thinking this, how do I keep it on track? 
Simple, do the right thing and tie your feet to the gas 
Go to church, work hard, never lie, and don't rat 
Show respect, say please, don't cheat, know the facts 
Yeah, follow these rules you'll have mad bread to break up 
You wanna be successful stay in school, get an A-plus 
Stay tough, but I got news that may come as a shake up 
If you believe in miracles quit dreaming lady wake up 
Say what? Yeah most a dem stories babe they made up 
So keep shooting 3-balls but you'll never score a lay-up 
You're on your own
Soon you'll discover what they didn't tell you
You can't count on anybody else
There's no magic beans or spells 
You're conditioned 
I believe, I can be, whatever, no doubt, no limits 
Gotta follow the rules and sacrifice 
You can make it to the top if you act alright 
Do you think they lied to me? 
They said I'd be a star if I played the game 
Tell the truth, be honest, I could stay the same 
So what, do you want from me? 
I wanna believe 
I wanna be free 
I'm... gonna be... 
What they want me to be 
VERSE 2 (Atlas) 
This world is vast, full of space and opportunity
A treasure trove for those who translate fluently
The lessons hidden in plain sight, between the lines
Reading the signs, applying knowledge in real time
Finding meaning in minutia, the day to day
Keeping forward motion while the trends tend to fade away
So you can spend your life chasing,
Or use your energy creating statements, reflecting greatness
See, the one who plans is empowered by self
While the one with their hand out? Shall never stand out
This is the standard route, producing worker bees
Souls on ice, never able to raise the mercury
Critically crippled by the reaper's sickle
Living with one foot in the grave, the making of a slave
But you are limitless, born of the infinite
Fully equipped, never forget what you're working with! 
You're on your own
Soon you'll discover what they didn't tell you
You can't count on anybody else
There's no magic beans or spells 
You're conditioned 
Don't stop get it get it yolo and those other gimmicks 
Gotta run the human race can't place if you ain't it 
Be all you can be just do it if you wanna win it 
Every 60 seconds that you livin is another minute 
See how obvious that f----- sound 
Be conservative, left is right and up is down 
That's why we start you on a seesaw, say?study the 3 r 's 
And how it was before... if you wanna see more (heehaw) 
Carry that pack, get married and fat 
And front like it's all good while you stand in the back 
And in fact you get some extra we gonna?need that tax 
Just saying, hey this is the way 
We're like, get it, if you don't we'll give you a safe space 
Or at least a pill to help you chill while you save face 
Cause you can make it on your own you don't need anyone's help 
Just be original like everyone else 
You're on your own
Soon you'll discover what they didn't tell you 
You're on your own
Soon you'll discover what they didn't tell you

I believe... 
The world ain't ready... for me 
There's nothing I can't achieve 
They told me I could be any... thing... at... all 
They told me life was a breeze 
I can be, what I wanna be, so set me... free 

Lyrics Tyler Durdin, Erin "Atlas" Thompson, Cash The Pro Music N. Adamus, A. Quintero, H. M. Whitacre, E. Thompson, R. Johnson, R. Eckman
Producer Tyler Durdin, Kit Whitacre Publisher Wolves & Sheep Productions
Performance Wolves & Sheep
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