Redneck Majority

Song Description

This song is an anthem to the guys who don't live in NY or LA.....the sometimes forgotten man... who works hard...loves God/family/country...

Song Length 3:00 Genre Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Redneck Majority

I still believe my hard-earned scar...
looks better than my tattoo..
and this pair of scuffed up cowboy boots...
is better than shoes..

I still believe that a cold ... beer ...
tastes better.. with an old friend...
And a man's best work ...
is done with his bare hands...

You can see us in the factories...
You can find us in fields...
We're the ones who raise the groceries...
Work hard and pay our bills....
Best realize... there's a lot of guys just like me...
And we're not so silent..
We're the redneck majority

I still believe my ole pickup truck..
is better than a car...
and the best Tennessee whiskey....
comes from a mason jar..

I still love my mama...
and ole bocephus too...
And I raise my hands for Jesus
And the red white and blue...

we take care of our families
still care about wrong and right..
we worship God almighty but
we ain't afraid to fight..

Mod Chorus
We're the ones who ride tractors ...
Fight the fires, drive the nails..
We're raising crops and families...
And sometimes a little hell
We don't know anything bout doin anything halfway
And we're anything but silent..
We're the redneck majority

Copyright - Tom Stipe/Edward Strubble
Tom Stipe

Lyrics Tom Stipe//Edgar Strubble Music Tom Stipe//Edgar Strubble
Producer CHIP MARTIN Performance Ron Wallace
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