Marys Curse

Story Behind The Song

voodoo plain and simple ... it happened to me and it was my own fault ... I was young, stupid and thought I knew about love and she was young and naive and headed for heartache.... but she had the last laugh if that's what you can call it .... I think of

Song Description

what happens to someone who messes with an innocent heart .....

Song Length 3:28 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Modern
Language English


the walls are talking to me I think they want to do me
I know they want to scare me because I hurt my mary
Mary ain't the kind of girl that you can drag from world to world
float out to space and back again
but let me see where did it all begin?

I met her in the summer when I saw her at a party
my clothes were soiled and gritty
her face was young and pretty
she did a hang with me and we stood there and watched the drummer pound
the ecstacy was going round and round and round
I LOVE MARY and that will never change
I HAD MARY then Mary became strange
ooh ooh oooh

My mind is weary, body's weak I have become a mary freak I
don't have the strength to leave I
stay here against my will
and in my head I see the sparks fly .... on my ceiling only dark sky
I found the doll that mary left there ... on my window sill

I feel her watch me as she burns a candle for my doom
I know that mary left a secret monster in my room
a thousand tiny evil little cupids
singing war songs in my head
Woah woah wo-ah woah woah

Lyrics Tony Richards Music Tony Richards
Producer Tony Richards Publisher 6 string lover
Performance Tony Richards
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