I could see heaven

Story Behind The Song

My own conversion to Christianity.

Song Description

The story of a drunken, womanising man who reacvhes rock bottom and re-discovers the God of his youth through the spirituality of another.

Song Length 4:58 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Peaceful Subject Spirituality, Recovery
Similar Artists Elton John Language English


Where I was walking seemed such brightness,
But the crack in the door was all my light,
I thought I saw so much before me,
But I was stumbling in the night.
Then in the lightning of a broken-hearted moment
I glimpsed the Father?s waiting face,
And through the blackness of my place
I could see heaven.

Then one day you came home in the glory,
I couldn?t look at you ? they shone like a mirror your eyes,
Then he poured his love out through you,
And like a wave it came and took me by surprise.
Then I felt the waters of the river that I?d dreamed of,
And through the pain of my disgrace,
In the brightness of your face
I could see heaven.

Then one day the man he started speaking.
He wouldn?t let up until he?d showed me what was wrong.
Then he laid a weight upon my shoulders,
Then he helped me carry it along,
Then I felt the waters of the river that I?d dreamed of,
I let it wash me in its flow,
And though he laid me very low
I could see heaven.

Lyrics Tim Dawson Music Tim Dawson
Producer Tim Dawson Performance Tim Dawson

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