Lullaby for Baby

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this lullaby as a gift for my friend's baby shower. Not having children myself, I tried to think about what I would want to say to my child, and also, what I would want to hear from my mother to me. I like to think about this song as a conversation with the Divine Mother of us all--giving and receiving this kind of unconditional love. Parents of all ages love this song!

Song Description

Quiet lullaby of love from parent to baby. Simple soothing lyrics that deepen with introspection as the song progresses.

Song Length 3:14 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - General
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Quiet, Adorable Subject Love for Child, Daughter
Similar Artists Annie Lennox, Norah Jones Language English
Era 2000 and later


Twilight is calling to gather the day
Dreamland awaits you far, far away
Now that it's quiet, I've got something to say
My beautiful baby girl

When the wind chills you, I'll cover your head
When you are fussy, I'll make sure you're fed
And when you are sleepy, tuck you into your bed
My beautiful baby girl

You bring out the sunshine from the cloudiest skies
The universe sparkles from your wonderful eyes
Between us, a ribbon that never unties
My beautiful baby girl

Whenever you giggle I'll smile with delight
Whenever you tumble I'll make it all right
And every evening I'll kiss you goodnight
My beautiful baby girl

Adventures will beckon and call you to roam
Now and forever, my heart is your home
Your constant companion, you're never alone
My beautiful baby girl

The gift you have given is such a surprise
The world's biggest love in a tiny disguise
I thought I was smart, now you've made me wise
My beautiful baby girl
My beautiful baby girl

© 2011 Big Purr Music, LLC

Lyrics Susan K. Fitzgerald Music Susan K. Fitzgerald
Producer Susan K. Fitzgerald and Larry Beaird Publisher Big Purr Music, LLC
Performance Susie Fitzgerald Label Big Purr Music, LLC
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