On Eagles Wings

Story Behind The Song

I just imagined the beauty and gracefulness of an eagle soaring through the air with a view and feeling that can only be experienced in flight or in the imagination

Song Description

On Eagles Wings is a acoustic guitar instrumental solo. It's soaring and uplifting melodies inspire feelings of happiness, freedom, and contentment with all things. The first half of the song is mellow and easy going as if you could be laying on a blanket on a sunny day with a slight breeze touching your face. The second half picks up with the feeling as if you could be standing there taking in a beautiful view of mountains reflecting on a lake.

Song Length 1:47 Genre New Age - Neo Classical, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Multiple Tempos Mood Content, In High Spirits
Subject Happiness, Mountains, Hills Era 2000 and later
Music Steve Taylor Producer Steve Taylor
Performance Steve Taylor
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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