How Come You Don't Love Me?

Song Length 4:04 Genre R & B - Soul, Pop - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Heartbreaking, Miserable
Subject Heartbreak, Fight Similar Artists Adele, Leann Rimes
Language English Era 2000 and later


Everytime I see you smiling
it's like potion through my vains
I'm a victim of obsession
but you don't feel the same way
loving you so foolishly
blind for your mistakes
making me feel special
eventhough you don't care

How come you don't love me?
the way that I love you
I tried to be everything to you
how come you don't need me
the way that I need you
you're my everything
How come, How Come
how come you don't love me?
how come, how come
how come you don't need me?

I was trapped at a crossroad
in the risk of real pain
I opened up my heart
it's difficult to face
why did I give you the power
to hurt me the most
hopefully you wont
bury me with sorrow


we used to hold hands
in the dark wide awake
I can't see you anymore
like I did before


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