Soldier (Feat. Rage)

Story Behind The Song

Snow and Rage felt they were most important out of all local rappers.

Song Description

Being a soldier; compared to everyone, you are the most important. Being great, left behind on your journey but still killing it!

Song Length 3:25 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Electronic - Dance
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Heated, Cruel Subject Pain, Sadness
Similar Artists Eminem, Gorillaz Language English
Era 2000 and later


Feel the heat of my breath as i beat on my chest
devil's possessed, giving me fire
i'm quite the blessed
guessed admires pest
his request to rest my very souls desire
impressed with the several sixes with attest that i acquire
the beast was release from those creases of those lines
which i enfolded into your mind
leaving a permanent sign
interline revelations
fate and line
with the constellations
your facing the dawn, i'm the spawn of satan
control your soul was the soul from the start
it never drifted apart
we just re shifted the art
casting ourselves in the light while you were left in the dark
we passing night when you were given a mark
i'm on the level of the devil come revel my powers
the fall of man began after the fall of several towers
the hours are fading, fast will last your days
you won't outlast cause of your past ways
the devil's got you now, let me bash in praise
yeah, and it's me you don't want to face

i am a soldier, se me on the field
and these are the people, i'm like there shield
i am the son and the spawn of satan
if you want to meet me i'll be in your basement

I be on the frontside door, there, chillin'.
You be like BP, you be spillin'
All your love to me, while I'm spittin'
And all of these rappers, you know I've been killin'.

Somebody's gotta make a deal why don't me?
T right there made me, what I got to be.
I'm alienated, like ET or V
I haven't seen anyone person like she.

Now what the heck am I doin' here wastin' my time?
I'm withdrawin' from the bank, I don't give a damn.
If you don't like me, whatever that's fine.
You just gotta let it go, and let me shine.

What you tryin' to do? Take down my carreer?
I'm just makin' sure, this is my year.
Not in this for the fame and money.
Just gotta let you know, Honey(I'm home)

You gotta get it through that I'm way better than you.
Go tell that to your rabbi, and screw you, jews!
What does a bad guy have to do
To show you that you can suck my(what), fool.

I'm runnin' these streets, seein' nothing but fun.
When the popo come, you know we on a run.
You know you want it, you know to want to come.
Get with it, join the army, and grab you a gun.

You better wake up, get Folger's in your cup.
Everytime they see me, it's just "Yeah, what's up"
I'm just not a person who stays true to love.
I'm ready to see you in the form of a dove.

We reachin' the point your getting quite annoying.
You have only moments left, I hope your enjoying.
All these games that you've been toying.
I'mma rule this whole world at my premiere showing!

Lyrics Snow, Skidittles Music Snow, Rage, Skidittles
Producer Snow Publisher Snow, Skidittles
Performance Snow, Rage Label Def Jam
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