Shelly Lee

Shelly Lee

A Man & His Guitar

Story Behind The Song

Crush on a band guy

Song Length 3:33 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Alternative


She rode in a taxi to a club downtown
She heard that It had the best shows around
When the music started...her heart began to pound
There's something so romantic about a man with his guitar
She listened intently to every song
The stories sent goose bumps up her spine
The words told secrets of times in his life
She felt like she knew him
Was love at first sight
His music sent her to another place in time
It echoed through her and settled in her mind
She felt his passion and locked it in her heart
Fell in love with a man and his guitar
Vs 3
He sang his last song and it was time to go
She got up to meet him
Give thanks for the show
She walked toward him shyly and braved a little smile
He took her hand then gave her the pick to his guitar
It's true
He doesn't know her
No..they didn't even kiss
Although words were never spoken
All She does is think of him
She felt his passion and locked it in her heart
Fell in love with a man and his guitar
She has his guitar pick
He has her heart

Sweet storytelling.....and a sweet little vocal la Joanie Sommers....delicate...fragile, but expressive and so real.

Good story line and instrument track

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