War on Love

Story Behind The Song

Inspired by somebody very close to me, who grew up in a time before technology saturated our every day lives. Being raised in a small town out in the country, she's one for traditional views and proprieties, and is genuinely distressed with all the corruption and violence that goes on every day. She's watched many people around her become jaded by the media and present-day culture, and is depressed by the effects it's having on our society. Observing her for quite some time, it is clear how genuine and good hearted this person is, and that she's searching really hard to find individuals of the same mold.

Song Description

This song observes a woman lost in a world where the current ideals of life and love are seemingly backwards from what she grew up to know. As time goes by, it appears more and more that real human connection becomes an afterthought. Supported by a subtle mellotron, two acoustic guitars intertwine delicately, creating a beautiful, romantic setting to compliment the delicate placement of the lyrical metaphors.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Moving Subject General
Similar Artists Hozier, T-Bone Burnett Language English


A wooden heart and eyes that glow
shows the wars she fought; she's made of gold

Brave attempts to win her love
Have come undone; She can't be won

Senseless acts seem ordinary
Consequence has gone awry
All these thoughts of greed and envy
It's a war on love

Guns all drawn, their army's strong
But she won't fall, she won't fall

Under fire from our own desires
She holds her own; she's made of stone

Senseless acts seem ordinary
Consequences gone awry
All these thoughts of greed and envy
It's a war on love


Underneath the apple tree is where she'll bury me

Lyrics Scott Andrew Mlodzinski Music Scott Andrew Mlodzinski
Producer Scott Andrew Mlodzinski; Parker Richey Publisher Scott Andrew Mlodzinski
Performance Parker Richey; Scott Andrew
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