The Enchilada Song

Story Behind The Song

I was out recording my first cd and staying with a friend's mother in LA. This woman's granddaughter was filming a documentary at the same time. One night, her grandmother gloated that, while we were out doing all of our activities, SHE was "holding down the fort with her enchiladas!"

Song Description

Upbeat novelty song about being content with life and enjoying the peace of not trying to work too hard towards typical work accomplishments and goals.

Song Length 4:00 Genre Latin - Jazz, Latin - Tropical
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Content, Cheerful Subject Party, Fun
Similar Artists Jimmy Buffett, Indigo Girls Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


The Enchilada Song by Robin Inwald

I'm right here eating my dinner.
You're out finding out how the world goes round.
No new story, so dry your tears.
We've all been spinnin' this way for years.

Now I'm holding down the fort with my enchiladas,
Sitting here at home.
Got my sweetie and my enchiladas,
No more need to roam.
You go out and make your movies,
Show them who you are.
I'll stay here with my enchiladas,
No need to go that far.

Got my book and a window to look.
Today my view is crystal clear.
Stretching as far as a mind can see,
As I fill my cup with ginger beer.


I was on the run, never having fun.
Couldn't get to sleep,
Had no time to eat.
I was rushing everywhere,
But never getting there.
Always said, "I've gotta go"
And missed the days I want to know.

They say life will drive you crazy,
An endless search for paradise.
Call me lazy, I'll prove you wrong.
I'll be just fine sticking with my song.


Lyrics Robin Inwald Music Robin Inwald
Producer Steve Addabo (vocals), Robin Inwald (music) Publisher Hilson Press
Label Hilson Records
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