You and Me- The Underground Railroad

Song Length 4:13 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Breaking Up


You and Me

You and me
It seems something makes it so
We just can?t be
We, were like a family
?Till we realized
Love?s not free

Remember you- you gave it to me
I told everybody- it just had to be

It?s hard, it gets so hard
Thought we tried and we tried
Love just died

In time, only in time
Like it keeps on winding
But I?m still finding
I just can?t loose my pride

Oh baby you- you gave it to me
I told everybody
Eventually this just had to be
When suddenly you, you took it from me
I know every story ends eventually

Is the grass so green
On the other side
Do your flowers bloom
Now that we divide
Though apologies
May fall like rain
It?s the memories
That remain, that remain

You and me
Though we tried and we tried
The love just died



Lyrics Ashley, Jones Music Ashley, Jones
Producer Ashley, Jones Performance Ashley, Jones, Powell
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