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If you is, tell me why we go through all of this, why is my people stuck livin like this, I really don?t understand the meaning of this so I ask, ghetto livin got us trippin got us killin for a dolla,welfare aint enough we livin in squatter young boys get a gun now they out to rob ya, and I ask, tell me whats the reason for this treason to ourselves, theres got to be a heaven cause I?m livin in hell, and it aint much difference tween freedom and jail so I ask, how did all those people in new Orleans die and how did all those people at Virginia tech die and how you let those people get stuck in that mine I gotta ask, I see the signs the world is comin to an end, we at war wit Iraq tell me when it?s gonna end tell me when is all them people coming back to they kin I gotta ask, they blew the towers up, the Oklahoma bombing, they hit the pentagon, assassinated sadaam said this is the price you gotta pay for ya crimes and I ask, what kind of world we livin in we livin in imprisonment,we livin life broke no dollas trying to make cents, momma tried to tell me but it never really made sense, dear lord if you there please answer me now, send a sign down hit me in the head wit a rock let me know what I what I gotta do to make it stop I?m asking you,genocide suicide homocide drive bys people dying in these streets just tryin to survive that?s why I get down on my knees and I ask him why, dear god, a yo it?s crazy out here every man for himself, and if you getting money every man for his wealth, people kick you when you down like they gotta black belt dear god, and I don?t understand, I try to be a man but it?s hard to be a man when I never had a man to show me how to be a man and I know in my heart my moms did all she can

Producer C IT ALL Performance C IT ALL
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