Selfish Sadness

Story Behind The Song

Another journey back to where my head was in the middle of addiction,blaming everyone but myself.

Song Description

The harmonica intro sets the tone for this song of lonliness and regret. A spare arrangement of acoustic guitar,bass an drums accent the verses with the wah guitar and harmonica added as the song progresses to add tension. Two part harmony chorus.A short

Song Length 2:59 Genre Blues - General, Pop - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Gloomy, Miserable Subject Sadness, Sorrow
Similar Artists Blues Traveler, John Lennon Language English
Era 2000 and later


Selfish Sadness
Words: Regan L. Barger /Music: Regan L Barger_Ray Hartman
Barger Publishing {ASCAP} 2002

Desperation led me to this place
And now I have to face the fact
That I dealt this hand

Consequences that have buried me
And now it?s time to see
The reasons I made you sad

I?ve got no time on my side
I?ve used up all nine of my lives
I need you but I?ve got my pride
I?m sinking slow

In my Selfish Sadness

Can you raise from this bitter state
I want to float away
I?d like to leave us as friends

I justified the many times I lied
You?re never satisfied
I covered you in my sins

The past is a sweet summer cloud
The present a gun in my mouth
A coward who knows the way out
Still I?m lying here

In my Selfish Sadness
My Selfish Sadness

I hear there?s a light in my heart
But right now I don?t feel a spark
So leave me alone in the dark
I?m laying here

In my Selfish Sadness
My Selfish Sadness
My Selfish Sadness

Lyrics Regan L. Barger Music Regan L. Barger-Ray Hartman
Producer Regan L. Barger -Todd Ensminger Publisher Regan L. Barger
Performance Regan Lane and BrokenNess Label None
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