Going Against the Grain

Story Behind The Song

My good friend Jason Dunham was killed in active duty by throwing himself on a live grenade, thereby saving the majority of his company in the process. Since the incident books have been written about Jason, and he has been nominated for the congressional

Song Description

This song talks about how our parents lived through Vietnam and they tried as best they could to shield our generation from such a conflict. Ironically, i have a great many friends who have died in the conflict. I can't help but think that history might b

Song Length 4:11 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Heavy Metal
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Enraged, Nervous Subject Politics, War
Similar Artists Stone Temple Pilots, Nine Inch Nails Language English
Era 2000 and later


Most people will do almost anything, they?ll follow if you lead
These sheep don?t ever wanna take the time to look around and see
They?re puppets of government that walks softly and carries a big gun
Bombs flying for another nameless mission
Kids dying paying for tuition.

Flags burning hearts hurting here but America is full of love
Both Red and Blue what?s wrong with you?
Would our true leaders please stand up?
It?s as if you all didn?t know, you?re all part of the status quo
Just keep on digging that hole, cause our guns and our capital have lost control.

I am I am I am I am the uncounted, afraid to just endure
I am I am I am I am the mouthpiece of our tired and our poor
We can?t even fix the divide within our borderlines
Our parents tried in vain to ease the pain of going against the grain.

Most people will do almost anything to avoid dropping the bomb
These hero?s don?t ever wanna have to re-live Vietnam
We?re all puppets of a government, who made this mistake once before
A whole generation paid for that war
30 years later and they still want more

Tried in vain to ease the pain (what do we do?)

Going against the grain

Lyrics Greg Palmer Music Corey Webster
Producer Corey Webster

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