Story Behind The Song

emotional outlet from when my fiance left me shortly after we bought a house together.

Song Description

how it feels to get over a bad break up.

Song Length 4:03 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Beside Yourself Subject Breaking Up, Dysfunctional Relations
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Look into the mirror, What is it you see?
If you should not fear, Then you will not be
Is it all the power, or the glory right?
I know this is what you like

Forgetting my life, sending you back home
Pretending it's not like, I am not alone
If I said I loved you, it was not a lie
Why do you think this is right?

Why do, you think I'm, enticing, the fact that
You are, in line for, replacing, so back off
Now that, you see it, retrieve it, and get back
So that, we have our, confusion, abated

Seems to me that somewhere, you are hiding out
If you want to stay there, I won't seek you out
Never come back here, these doors are all closed
I know that is what you want

Lyrics jess fuller Music jess fuller
Producer jess fuller Publisher jess fuller
Performance jess fuller Label mountain man music

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