I Promise You

Story Behind The Song

There was a music industry friend from TN who played with all the greats in Nashville and at the Grand Ol Opry. He and I used to chat on the phone, and one of his lines to me all the time was, "I promise you PJ"... and then he'd tell me his story. As if, "I promise I'm telling you this is true". After a break up, I had that line in my head, and thought, how fitting this line is. And thought about how people tell the truth with crossing their fingers. Broken promises. So the song just poured out on the feelings and that simple line. "I Promise You"

Song Description

Song is about lost love, but you are still in love. A very 70's approach lyrically and musically. Wanting to bring in those sentitmental thoughts because not every break up leaves you angry or moving on. Sometimes we still love, and longing for that love again.

Song Length 3:48 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Endearing Subject Loneliness, Lost Love
Similar Artists Linda Ronstat, Olivia Newton John Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Stars don't shine as bright
Without you here
You don't hear me cry
Or wipe my teardrops
Can't tell you how many nights I
Wanted you near, Dear
You said we'd be friends
No matter what
You said you'd stop by
But I guess you forgot
Did you say those things to just ease my mind
Well, I'd rather hear the truth no matter how unkind and..
I'm over you
Cross my heart I'm over you
Cross my broken heart it's over
I promise.
I promise you.

I wonder how you've been
Haven't seen you around
Been missin' you again
And I heard you found
Someone else to hold at night
Just know that I am doin' all right, and

I'm over you
Cross my heart I'm over you
Cross my broken heart it's over
I promise
I Promise you

Lyrics PJ Bennett Music PJ Bennett and Rob Robbins
Producer Rob Robbins and PJ Bennett Publisher PJ Bennett Music
Performance PJ Bennett Label PJ Bennett Music

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