Dear Santa

Story Behind The Song

Being alone as Christmas approaches, can bring mixed emotions. As an empty nest single mom, I struggled with being alone with no more family stockings, no more gifts under the tree. It was like Christmas suddenly had no magic. The sadness turned into, "I bet a lot of people feel this way". So instead of writing about it in a sad song, I felt it would be good to express it with humor. A way to connect other people who feel alone, but they can relate through something fun, funny, and not fall into further sadness. Dear Santa, was my letter to Santa from a little girl, all grown up, and missing that magic.

Song Description

Dear Santa is comical and touches on All the traditions we do as children, but now you are an adult who waited for Santa and he didn't arrive as you had hoped. It is about waking up Christmas morning, as an adult who is alone, there are zero presents under the tree, empty stocking etc. The song is comical and in character voice.

Song Length 3:33 Genre Pop - Dance, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Adorable, Cheerful Subject Silliness, Loneliness
Similar Artists Madonna (from Santa Baby recording) Language English
Era 2000 and later


Dear Santa
Written By Pamela Bennett ( a.k.a. PJ Bennett)

Dear Santa, Where are you? I'm waiting! hmmm
Dear Santa, you forgot my house.
My tree is up & stocking's hung,
but cookies and milk are still on the shelf. With the elf.
Did you check your list not once but twice,
and still forget that I am nice?
I was sound asleep, not a thing was stirring
Not even the mice.
Dear Santa, Did you even read my letter?
I mailed it Tuesday as I wore my ugly Christmas sweater.
Did you move? Are you still at the same old address?
Did you fall asleep at the reins or did you lose your GPS?
Dear Santa, I left you a note.
Thank you for stopping by, with a snack to help your reindeer float. Or fly.
But I see that you weren't here since there is zero, under my tree.
And my stocking that I hung with care is still hanging there empty.
Dear Santa. What's it gonna take!
For you to fly to my humble little estate. Or apartment
I can't imagine you'd forget who I am today.
That little girl is all grown up now.
You remember me, PJ!
Dear Santa, Guess I'll let this one slide.
But next year, if I were you, I'd double check my gear, before I'd fly.
Maybe that put's me on the naughty list now, but what difference does it make?
Because clearly good girls get nothing, for Goodness sake!
Dear Santa, where are you? I'm waiting. Hmm. I made some special cookies, just for you.
Dear Santa, I miss you.

Lyrics PJ Bennett Music PJ Bennett
Producer Rob Robbins Publisher None
Performance PJ Bennett Label None

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