touch down

Song Length 4:00 Genre Pop - Rock

Really Boss! Excellent playing! Like the flanger and the overall sound is killer! adding to my special song list engineering is superb! Many Thanks for this one!

I rate a LOT of tracks and rarely listen to one all the way through.... I did on this one......I love this song... I would love to write a song to it...

Well, this was a breath of fresh air!

The song itself may basically be a jam around an A/B pattern...BUT it is SOLID and extremely well produced and mixed.

We actually get to HEAR the well-played gnarly distorted slide guitar, the nice crisp drum sound, percussion and supporting instruments in a deliberate stereo-field, tasty guitar licks, a solid and tasteful baseline.

As basic as the structure might be, this little number throws a heck of a groove, features some obvious musical chops, and did I mention -- the MIX is spot-on.

Excellent work!

Very chill instrumental, has a good positive vibe to it.. guitar fits perfectly into the pocket.

This is a really nice guitar groove, more funk than rock. I enjoyed the rich tone on the un-fuzzed guitars most of all, but it's just a solid piece. I could see this in a film/tv backdrop setting. Nice dynamic changes as well.

Just a fantastic groove. The instruments all sound really good. The mix is perfect, everything is where it should be. The guitar sound is great and the playing is sublime. It reminds me a lot of a Chris Rea in sound and style, especially those slide part which is a very big compliment, I love his stuff so much and I love this tune very much. Nicely done!

wow outstanding guitar!!! cooool grove with raw emotion!!

I titled it how I thought of it. It's a solid composition.

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