Song Length 3:55 Genre Rock - General

Great production and playing. Guitar tones in the low key parts are delicious! This is a great track. I think it could be 2 great tracks in one!

Very cool piece with a really good bluesy feel to it. Great work on the guitar and drums.

Wow. When the song started I was expecting a laid back Steely Dan style song, and I wasn't expecting the lead guitar to come in at 0.57 and then the power chords at 1.23. It goes without saying that the guitar playing is first class as is the drumming and bass. The quality of the recording is excellent. The whole piece is dynamic and engaging.

Tune has a great classic sound with some very solid guitar chops and tones.

Very soulful guitar showcase--minor key instrumental love!

I absolutely LOVED the opening of this song. It played to a great atmosphere and the recording and mix sounded excellent. What an amazing feel and I settled in for what I expected to be a 4-minute smooth groove.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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