lazy joe

Song Length 4:10 Genre Blues - Rock, Pop - Rock

Groovy little tune, i hear this in a scene in the movie "All The Right Moves"! Guitars are next level! Thanks
LC Team

Nice feel on the drums, and good performance by all. Could be the backing track for a vocal performance or used as underscore music in post production.

Very entertaining and professional sounding piece with great instrumentation and choice of instruments. Keeps your toes tapping from start to finish. Breakdown just past the 2 minute mark is really cool.

Love the guitar work...fits the song so good...well balanced instrumentation...nice bass feel is well arranged

Great recorded sounds, clean tracks. Kind of Creedence meets Larry Carlton. Really nice playing and musicianship. Love the breakdown around 2 minutes. The song maintains a level of control and maturity throughout. Snare drum is popping, the drum sound is great.... also the attention to detail in the guitar tone etc. is very good.

Excellent blues jam. Fun groove!

Cool groove, with some "Susie Q" by Credence vibe to it. The percussive nature of the guitars really fits with the rock-solid drumming. While the bass seems buried in places, it sounds great in others. You can tell this is a strong band and it's extremely tight for a blues jam. I love that!

Fun, upbeat, classic-rock feel! I liked the vibe and variety of instrumentation.

Nice showcase for the guitarist. Love the distortion from Hell and the clean tones. The rhythm section is tight, although I'm wondering if that's a live drummer or not. Nice breakdown a few minutes in.

Love the guitars, well balanced in the mix. Great production good luck!

Nice foot stomping riff. Cool guitar licks. Overall, smokin' groove. Nice one.

The mix on thi song stands out from the crowd! It really has the feel of a live recording but the mix is full of space that gives each instrument what it needs to stand out!

Enjoyable 12 bar blues......nice twanging and clean lead guitar.....and nice dirty backdrop....

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