Sisters Keeper

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this for my 4 sisters...but inspired by one.

Song Length 3:17 Genre Rap - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Adorable Subject Encouragement
Language English Era 2000 and later


Rap 1:
So much pain over flowing from your eyes
Holding hurt inside whom to confide
I refuse to let you struggle let you / fight alone
Sis you know that I love ya Cuz my actions set the tone
I know there have been times that we fought amongst each other
But we never let another (between us) the bond of a sister and a brother
Loyal / like cops undercover (complete trust)
From birth till I leave this earth I promise that I?ll never forget
My sisters? worth I will protect
(Lay down my life)
Like a soldier ready to die, don?t you cry
Pray to God that I never leave your side
But when the time comes and I gotta lay this body down
Smile for me? Through you I?ll be around
And please believe when you hear my voice through the speaker
I?ll live and die as my sisters? keeper

I know you are a sister?s keeper
For now and eternity
And if ever I?m in need
You?re there to rescue me

Rap 2:
Don?t try to understand baby girl Just give me your hand
Now look at the world It?s yours, now stand
Don?t be afraid Don?t fear what people say
What they think And what they try to do to you
Survive doing what you got to do
Be strong I see it in your eyes
Its inside Move the pain aside And overcome
You be the back bone that keeps a brother going on in the midst of a storm
Encourage us to go on I know its not easy feeling all alone
But I?m here for ya In your heart Forever live for ya
And when you?re at life?s end Hang on It?s going to get sweeter
Together forever Yeah I?m my sisters? keeper


Rap 3:
Don?t take these things for granted
Just because the love was planted
In my heart, from the start, just the way we planned it
It?s true
Yes I do
I want to see you make it through
Against all odds, do what you do
I know there be times when those feelings arise
And there?s no disguise, but let me dry your eyes
Everything gonna be okay
Use the obstacles as stepping stones and continue on your way
Never give up, but get up / and handle situations
Even in the midst of trails and tribulations
And when that load is heavy and you keep on falling deeper
Count on me, not just a brother but a sisters? keeper


Written by: NoaJa

Lyrics Noah Smith Music Christopher B and NoaJa
Producer NoaJa and Wild Bill Performance NoaJa
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