Song Length 3:16 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Anxious, Stressed Language English


She pulls her hair, ?I don?t care anymore.
They don?t know anything about me?
She?s caught somewhere between the air of two locked doors
Still, she presses on to who she?s meant to be

They say ?impossible? they say ?unreachable?
They say ?improbable" I?m better off backing off ?before I fall?
I?ll push against the grain- I'll still love you all the same
I?ll show you all one day & you can bet that you won?t stand in my way

He?s fallen down like a tree falls to the ground
Thorny vines cover and surround.
?When will the truth be savored?
?Why is ?no chance? so favored?
How can I prove these ?pipe dreams?
- Pressing on for what he must believe

Lyrics Brint Hollis, Lee Bowen Music Brint Hollis, Lee Bowen
Producer Travis Wyrick Publisher bRiNtstAMuZiK, MagnoliaPowerFall
Performance Niacin Flush
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Clean Clean

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