Love Will Find You

Song Length 4:01 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Serene Subject Change, Evolution
Similar Artists Sarah Mclachlan, Amy Grant Language English


Chasing the circles, chasing the tears
Shedding the weight of all those years
Come casually or in your Sunday best
Be yourself, let me do the rest

Tides are turning
Change is comin' round
I missed the sunset
More times than I can count

When did the best ever happen?
Wasn't it because you tried?
You take the risk
I'll bear the burden
Cut the strings you tied
Around your wings, and fly

Let the air find you, chin held high
No need to look down now, goodbye
Let peace find you, don't hide

Even when you don't know what you need
Love will find you
Even when you don't know what you want
Love will find you

Under the sliver of the moon
when it's dark, Love will find you
Ink on your hands, Love will find you
In the maze, in the haze
Love will find you

Love will find you
Say goodbye
Love will find you
Don't hide
Love will find you
Reach high
Love will find you

Reach high
I will find you

Vocals, keys, lyrics and arrangement: NNG
(C) 2005..

Lyrics Natalie Nicole Gilbert Music Natalie Nicole Gilbert
Producer Natalie Nicole Gilbert Publisher Over & Under Music
Performance Natalie Nicole Gilbert Label Over & Under Music
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