Pretty Clever

Story Behind The Song

A flippant but bitterly sarcastic song about sacrificing yourself on the alter of someone else's happiness...just to keep it all together...and because you can.

Song Length 2:34 Genre Blues - Rock



I can see clearly now
the pain has gone
I've put it away, you know
Pretty clever, eh?

I can do anything
Living without need
Don't really have to be me
It's all second nature.

No more mess to clear
It's all tidy now
Everyone smiling, dear?
There, there, there

Here's to us all!
Ain't it great.

This is how it should be
No heartache, no tears
No working-out to do
The end of all fears.

Here's to us all!
Ain't it great.

It's all so good
Just as we wanted
And all thanks to me
Pretty clever, eh?


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Clean Clean

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