Shake & Grin

Song Length 3:29 Genre Folk - Contemporary


shake & grin


they only need you when they need you
then they use your ass and they'll throw you away
I never thought I'd thought I'd sound so, so cynical
no, I thought I'd never see the day

welcome to the real world
my mama used to say
welcome to the real world
where kindness just don't pay

it don't matter
if you're dependable
you are expendable now
and if you're falling don't worry
'cause they'll be someone to drag you down

welcome to the real world
all with a shake and a grin
welcome to the real world
where nobody wins

don't let your guard down
just shake and grin now
you can look but you can't tell
best of me is yet to come
been rehearsing how to fend


Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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