Comin' Down The Aisle

Song Description

Wedding song.

Song Length 2:43 Genre Country - Bluegrass


Verse 1
Some years ago I made a choice
To spend my life together with you.
You vowed to me, and I to you
To cherish, love, honor, and be true.
The years have come and gone so fast
It seems like yesterday,
We said "I do" in a little country church.
Here we are so many years away;
I remember how you looked at me that day.

Dressed in white, eyes so bright,
You gave me that smile.
Your beauty took my breath away
When I saw you comin' down the aisle.

Thank you for each minute you shared with me.
Thank you for your lovin' warmth at night.
Thank you for our children,
And when times were tough
For believin' everything would turn out right.
You're a candle ever burning in my life.

(Instrumental Solo Here)

Verse 2
Our wedding bells so long ago
Are ringing like an echo in my mind.
I thank my lucky stars above
You call me yours, and I still call you mine.
The love we share cannot compare
With any other kind,
I feel it growing stronger all the time.
And on our golden anniversary,
I remember how you looked at me that day.

Repeat Chorus:

End with last 2 lines of chorus

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Clean Clean

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