Do your worst! (Love is a lie)

Story Behind The Song

I was writing something completely different, a sad breakup song, but this came out. In the end, I did not want to end the song on a sad note - I wanted the listener to root for the main character, and the listener deserved some hope in the plot. The song is intentionally long with long pauses between verses to symbolize passage of time.

Song Description

With multiple twists in the plot, a story of "he meets her", things are good for a while, followed by some sort of betrayal and breakup. As the result, the hero is apathetic to women. Reflective, he admits he still loves "her".

Song Length 5:03 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Cool Subject Breaking Up, Relationship
Similar Artists Eric Clapton, Dire Straits Language English


I've been around, on this planet Earth.
So many years since the winter of my birth!
And I know, because I've been in love before
It's all a lie - I don't believe it anymore!
I'm burned and bruised, and I learned my lesson well:
"Don't give in, when they cast their spells.
Don't you believe any promises they make
By now you know, all their words are fake".
Try your best! Do your worst!

I met a girl, she wore a long black dress
I asked her out, she smiled and told me, "yes"
Before too long, it felt like we'll never be apart
A dream come true....
but then she stabbed me in the heart
Try your best! Do your worst!

What did we do to bring the end to perfect life
The looks were cold like steel blade of a knife
The words were sharp, and every touch was shun,
And the silence was like a loaded gun
Try your best! Do your worst!

What can you do, when life falls apart like that?
Sailed around the world to drown my memories and regrets
Met many girls - blonde, skinny, dark, tall and small
I promise you, no chick is gonna make me crawl
I won't be fooled! Call it "experience", I guess
Some people call it "a measure of success"
I can read your mind, and I know all your dirty tricks
I can see you through, I wrote a book on your antics.
Try your best! Do your worst!

And every time I see two lovers holding hands
It makes me laugh when they are making silly plans
'Cause they don't know, what they will get themselves into
Just an illusion that's only gonna make you blue
Try your best! Do your worst!

Life is so short, another winter is passing by
I still remember, still play the blues.. and even cry
I only fooled myself, and I came to this breakthrough
Because, baby, I still love you!

Sounds good- The recording is very clear and highlights the individual instruments and vocals well. Cool feel throughout the piece.

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Maxim Senin has a really distinctive vocal quality.

This song has an uplifting beat and melody. It's a pleasant listen.

Nice soft and easy approach like "Gentle on my Mind"...also a little flavor of Mark Knopfler.
I like the simple approach

"Do Your Worst" grabs you right out of the gate. It has a fabulous opening, seasoned with capturing lyrics. The vocals are accessible, in your face, and full of attitude. The beat is infectious, and I'm already hooked.

Lyrics Maxim Senin Music Maxim Senin
Producer Maxim Senin Publisher Maxim Senin
Performance Maxim Senin Label Maxim Senin
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