Might Sound Strange

Story Behind The Song

We shall not judge each other. We will see the inner beauty we all possess and come together in the end.

Song Length 4:49 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Cheerful Subject Attracted, Crush, Friend
Similar Artists The Dave Matthews Band, The Eagles Language English
Era 2000 and later


When she walked into the party I could barely breathe. Two-for-one gin and tonics, I could barely see. Well she helped me up, to my feet, and I smeared her make-up, disastrously. Still she laughed and said, baby, it?s alright.

I said(guess) it might sound strange, but it sure feels right. Baby you?re with me tonight.
You don?t look so good, but you sure are fine. Baby you got a friend tonight.
You got a friend tonight.

When she walked off of the wayside, I was up to speed. Drunk and stumbling, falling, fumbling, in the middle of the street. Well the screeching tires, they filled the night. And fender-benders were left and right. Still I pealed her off the street and said, baby, it?s alright.


Cause everyone needs a friend sometimes.
Come on everybody let?s stay. Everybody let?s stay awhile.


When we gathered round the fire, it was such a treat. We bobbed our heads to the music, hands kept the beat. Well the chirping crickets, they filled the night. And I had my best friends, right by my side. Chocolate, marshmallow. Held my pillow by moonlight.


You don?t look so good, but you sure are fine.
Yeah you sure are fine. Well you sure are fine.

Lyrics Lucas Cates Music Lucas Cates
Producer Robert John Conaway Publisher PopBomb Music Publishing/lucas cates
Performance The Lucas Cates Band Label PopBomb Records
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