Song of the Wind and Sea

Song Length 5:52 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Iron Maiden, Metallica Language English


Depart from the frozen land
a strong back and sword in hand
Friggjarokkr bids farewell
score the souls we will send to hell

The sting of the icy spray
Haven't seen land for days
Following Odin's call
A quest to destroy them all

Men, to the oars!
A glorious death awaits!
sweat from the pores,
blood hunger it creates!

There are bards that will sing our name
there are riches we will claim
When the journey is at an end
they'll be nothing to defend

The song of the wind and sea
The battle that the gods decree
Sharpening the hardened blade
No soul will survive the raid

Men, to the oars!
A glorious death awaits!
land on the shores,
ram right through the gates, we're screaming

Row! Ragnarok is calling my name, and I'm screaming
Row! Slicing through the ocean, screaming
Row! Until the longboats hit the beaches I'm screaming
Row! Chased by the demon of death, but still screaming

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