The Rocks and Rolls

Story Behind The Song

Reflecting on the many years searching for the stuff and finding that stuff, love, is always there..the keynote to it all......

Song Description

Traveling in search of answers outside only to discover the answer in your own back yard

Song Length 4:04 Genre Folk - Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Composed, Exultant Subject Falling in Love, Universe
Similar Artists Bad Company Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


I walked around and left this town and went around the world
Just searchin' to find a peace of mind and maybe a good girl
I come back home and what do I find right in front of me
Everything I'd been searchin' for, I'm tellin' you It Can Be
And I know, how it shows
The rocks the rolls, that travelin' grows
And it's love, that makes us strong
I'm countin' on you, for bringing it on

Just try to imagine yourself, it a place that's so warm
Holdin' your woman and lookin' her straight in her arms
Holdin' on you holdin' her to find yourself right on thru
Right down on the center, I'm tellin' you it's true
It's the rock we know, it's the roll we grow
It's the rock we know, it's the roll we grow

Lyrics Lonnie Sigman Music Lonnie Sigman/ Brian Adair
Producer Sigman/Adair/Stokes Publisher Now What Productions
Performance The dOGbAND Label LucyRecords
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