A Real Father

Song Length 3:48 Genre Pop - Religious
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English


A REAL FATHER (We Can Be Reconciled)
Words and Music by Liz Cox, Copyright 2004

No need for second hand opinions.
So leave your baggage at the door.
It's been a long time since you've known me.
Come love me honestly once more

No time to waste time on the rebound,
the way rebelious children do.
Just take the time it takes to kneel down,
as I have honestly loved you

And I'm still calling
A real father never gives up on his child
No matter far you've gone
devoured by the wild
we can be, reconciled

And I'll be waiting til you come home
I left your room here all the while
With eager arms I crave to hold you,
and once again to see you smile.

And I'm still calling.
A real father never gives up on his child.
No matter how far you've gone,
devoured by the wild.
We can be, reconciled.
We can be, reconciled.

A real father's love is unconditional,
For each and every, child.
We can be, reconciled
We can be, reconciled.
Come and be, reconciled
...to me.

Lyrics Liz Cox Music Liz Cox
Performance Liz Cox vocal and piano, Bob Barnett strings and guitar
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